Still, he gives Detroit a accurate point guard. I like Brandon Knight, but he's a future shooting guard. The Pistons have somebody who can distribute the ball, and he's enjoyable to watch.

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Still, he gives Detroit a accurate point guard. I like Brandon Knight, but he's a future shooting guard. The Pistons have somebody who can distribute the ball, and he's enjoyable to watch. There is a capture, of program, and that's the reality that Calderon's offer expires following this season. So, he's likely only right here this yr. Including Calderon and dropping Prince and Daye is most likely close to a wash, to be honest. Detroit has the chance to stay on the fringe of the playoff race, especially with the injury to Rajon Rondo and Toronto's part of this trade, but nothing much more.

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Brief description: Still, he gives Detroit a accurate point guard. I like Brandon Knight, but he's a future shooting guard. The Pistons have somebody who can distribute the ball, and he's enjoyable to watch.

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