Overseas Missions – West Papua

We provide medical support for people in remote areas

  • Helicopters are invaluable in reaching remote areas in a fraction of the time
  • Medical staff can be flown in to treat the local people in remote areas
  • Many of the helicopter flights are to rescue emergency patients and accident victims

We bring disaster relief to remote areas

  • Helicopters can provide fast SOS help in times of natural disasters such as famines, floods and earthquakes
  • We work with other relief organisations in providing assistance
  • Helimission only charges for fuel
  • Flights during catastrophes and medical emergencies are generally provided free

We act as air support for missionaries

  • Helicopters fly missionaries bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreachable people
  • Without a helicopter, missionaries would have to walk, sometimes for days, to reach the people
  • Missionaries would often arrive sick and exhausted without the help of the helicopter

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