Overseas Missions – Sri Lanka

We support full-time pastors by paying their salaries

  • This helps new churches during the period of their establishment (1-15 years).
  • Funds generated within the churches are used to extend the Kingdom without needing to support their pastor.
  • Most pastors we support have pioneered 1–2 new churches in their area.
  • The pastors are about 21–25 years of age; Bible-college trained with a solid grounding in the Word; and are passionate for the salvation of Hindus, Buddhists & Muslims
  • Currently, we support 10 full-time pastors.

We support Bible College students

  • Each student requires sponsorship during their three years of training.
  • Upon graduating, they are given a house church, which usually comprises 10 to 15 newly-converted believers from a recent crusade.
  • Currently, we support two Bible College students.

We support one Preschool teacher

  • The preschool teacher is a qualified Montessori teacher.
  • The preschool is an outreach of a church to unsaved families of preschoolers.
  • We provided start-up expenses: table/chairs, blackboards, stationery, and toys.
  • The preschool teacher is helped with school running expenses.
  • The preschool children are provided a nutritious morning tea daily.

We support children with their education & clothing needs

  • Most are from single-parent families, fathers having died due to sickness.
  • One child is being raised by grandparents, both parents having died.
  • Support is paid for school uniforms, books, etc., the balance for food expenses.
  • Currently, we support seven children.

We support the Timothyans with food & basic medical needs

  • Timothyans are normally 16–17years of age who intend to go to Bible College.
  • They have one year’s training at the Nuwara Elliya AOG Church to prepare them for Bible College.
  • There are currently 10 Timothyans, plus 10 others engaged in support ministry.

We have paid the cost of building some Church Buildings

  • Our first church building is now three years old.
  • The second church building was opened in July 2013.
  • We have commenced another church building, but another $3,000 is required to complete the project.

We have bought Motorbikes for Pastors

  • The pastors use them for ministry (75%) and transporting their families (25%).
  • Frequently, pastors see their congregations double or triple in size within a year or so after obtaining a motorcycle.
  • Currently, we have paid for 40 motorbikes over the last five years.

We have provided start-up funds for four small businesses

  • Over the past four years, a fruit & vegetable grocery business has expanded into snack food and now sells full meals (rice and curry). Turnover is now 10,000–12,000 rupees (about $100) per day, which for Sri Lanka is substantial.
  • Four years ago, we purchased a sewing machine for a lady who makes clothes and sells them to markets. She now sends both her two daughters to good schools and has plans to buy land and build a house.
  • In 2012, we purchased a sewing machine for another lady whose business is going well.
  • In 2012, we leased a plot of land to grow vegetables that is supervised by a pastor with others tending the land, which generates 15,000 rupees each quarter. The profits are being saved to buy land adjoining the existing church.

We bought an electricity generator for one church

  • The electricity used to go off and often not return until church services ended.
  • The generator cost $500 for the church of 200 members.
  • The church now generates its own power to meet its needs.

We operate mission trips to Sri Lanka every year

  • These trips cost $2,500 each for air fares, accommodation, food & travel.
  • Trips are completely financed by the mission workers who participate.
  • Mission trips have also taken used laptops, mobile telephones, clothing, etc., for pastors and the poor.
  • Participants are involved in various ministries such as preaching in services, praying for people, giving devotionals in prayer meetings, seeing what God is doing in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, etc.

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